Building Bridges

Sep. 21, 2020

Bridges create a sense of wonder, beauty and awe for us as we travel throughout this great country.  They have the power to inspire us, give us a sense of peace and nostalgia—much like a Norman Rockwell painting.  Bridges provide safe passage; sometimes across great chasms, sharp rocky terrain, and vast bodies of water or simply over the unknown.  In essence, a bridge allows us to successfully and safely crossover to reach our destination or intended goal.

However, we often fail to ask or consider how such an engineering feat is even possible.  More simply put, how do you build a bridge?

Bridge building takes vision, planning, permits, inspections, people with skills, knowledge and talents, and yes—time and money to complete it all.

A great example of bridge building is the iconic Golden Gate Bridge located in San Francisco, California.  First proposed in 1872, the bridge was not completed and opened until 1937.  It spans nearly two miles in length and weighs over 88,000 tons.  It held the title as the longest suspension bridge ever until 1964 and took hundreds of workers and thousands of man hours to complete.  Today, over 110,000 vehicles safely cross over this impressive structure each day to reach family, friends and work.

Just like the Golden Gate Bridge, Tamassee DAR School staff, donors, parents, volunteers and friends are working together to “bridge” the learning gaps for children who are struggling in school while helping them to navigate passed adverse and rocky areas they may have experienced in their life.  Each one bringing their skills and expertise to build and maintain the best and strongest learning bridge possible so that children have the opportunity to successfully reach their education and life goals.

Bridge building for children doesn’t happen overnight, sometimes it takes years, just as in the case of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It takes strong vision, passion, planning, fortitude, courage, and yes—time and money.  Just like each rivet in a bridge makes the whole stronger, so does each person working together to help a child have a better tomorrow.   I invite you to be a bridge builder with us for children today.

After all, it is a feat worth doing, completing and ultimately seeing.   To learn more about Tamassee DAR School and our programs, please contact 864.944.1390 or go to