Blessed in 2016

Dec. 30, 2016

What a blessed holiday season it was at Tamassee DAR School.

We cannot say thank you enough to the many individuals and community members who joined together to make wonderful, warm, loving Christmas memories for the children.  Holiday memories that the children will carry with them throughout their lifetime. From those who visited campus and gave of their time and talents, to those who sponsored gifts for the children and those who remembered us in their thoughts and prayers.

As Christmas vacation continues and before they return to the classrooms, the children will enjoy educational outings, a trip to the Arcade, a day at the movies and lazy afternoons in their cottages reading new books and playing with toys.

As our attention turns towards the New Year, we all begin to formulate plans for finalizing 2016 and making a transition into 2017 with a fresh start for a successful year. This can mean finishing up drawn out projects that were procrastinated away. It could be creating a thoughtful New Year’s resolution for 2017 or for some, it means carefully deciding an end of year charitable contribution for tax benefits in April.

A donation to Tamassee DAR School is very simply providing hope for a better future to a child in need. The children who live on campus at Tamassee DAR School have been placed for a variety of reasons including abuse, neglect, educational needs or other form of family crisis.

It is through the kindness and generosity of others that they have a warm bed to rest their head, warm nutritious meals to fill their tummy, clothing to keep warm and protected from the elements and a caring, loving, professional staff to see to their daily needs. None of this is possible without YOUR HELP.

Here are just a few comments from the children.

Thank you. “Being at Tamassee has brought me closer to God. Being at Tamassee has been a life changer.”

Thank you. “It (Tamassee) provided me a place to live when I needed a home.”

Thank you. “I know so much more, thank God I am here.”

Thank you. “I am going to school.”

Thank you. “I have a nice stable environment to live in.”

 As you prepare to make decisions regarding your end of year donations, please consider a gift to the Tamassee DAR School Children’s Fund.   You will give and receive a blessing at the same time.

Thank you for a wonderful Christmas holiday for the children and we wish everyone a Happy New Year filled with hope and happiness!