Back to School

Nov. 21, 2016

The Wait is Over!

The first day of the 2016-2017 school year has come and gone!   The campus has been bustling for the past couple of weeks as anticipation of going back to school heightened with each passing day.

The tasks of preparing over forty children of all ages for their return to academics is quite a chore.   There were supply lists to be fulfilled for every student from elementary through high school age.  There were clothing needs that had to be met as all the children seemed to have had healthy growth spurts over the summer break.  There were questions in the minds of the students such as, “will I like my teacher?”, “will my teacher like me?”, “will my old friends be happy to see me?” and for those children arriving at Tamassee over the summer, “will I be able to make new friends?”   There was a sense of reluctant excitement as you chatted with the students about heading back to school.   All of which came to a head as they students stepped off the bus at the end of the day on the familiar ground of Tamassee DAR School.  The first day was over and some sense of relief is setting in….

As the students enjoyed an after school snack in the Banquet Hall they chatted excitedly about their new teachers, friends who were mutually happy to see them after the long summer break, new acquaintances they had made and the hope of budding friendships.   They shared their exaggerated fears about new grade levels with too much homework, too many pages to read, research papers with too many requirements and weekly spelling words with too many letters.

As in past years at Tamassee DAR, it will be a joy to experience this journey with the children.  It’s a rewarding feeling to watch as they grow in the realization that they can accomplish it all with hard work and dedication.    The resources to help them achieve academic accomplishments are at their disposal and ready to work for their success.    From the Tamassee DAR Middle School Academy, which is here to help middle school students prepare for their high school careers and beyond, to the on campus Learning Center which caters to students of all ages, the staff and volunteers are dedicated to helping our children have successful academic experiences built on strong study habits and hopefully, a love of lifelong learning.

At our on campus Pennsylvania Children’s Center a focus on learning process begins early in the life of a child.   The Daycare Center serves children and families in the local community.   If you are looking for quality daycare for your infant, toddler, before/afterschool student, or a SC First Steps 4K licensed provider, contact Jan Young at 864.944.2270.