A Tamassee Thanksgiving

Nov. 21, 2016

Tamassee Blessings….

Thanksgiving is a time for recognizing the blessings in our lives and to give thanks for the good people, places, events and happenings that enrich our lives.

At Tamassee DAR School it is very easy to identify those things for which we are grateful.    We are grateful for the individuals who have recognized the good work and the positive influence Tamassee DAR School can offer to children in crisis situations.  These are the loved ones, the social workers, the school officials, friends, family members and others whose concerns for the welfare of the children leads them to the Place of the Sunlight of God.

We will give special appreciation for the children of Tamassee DAR School.   We will express our gratitude for the opportunity to spend our days and nights supporting the needs of these each and everyone of these precious children as they recover from their grief and loss and move toward the excitement and fun of being a child.

We will give thanks for Tamassee’s  staff of dedicated individuals who come together to assist the children as they struggle through the healing process associated with the losses and crisis they have endured in their young lives.   The encouragement, love and support that each student receives as they work through the healing process is a calling that Tamassee staff members answer.   The focus on building a strong educational foundation and the belief that academics is a way to a positive and brighter future is stressed by the teachers in the Tamassee Academy and re-enforced by all staff members who touch the lives of the children every day.   Spiritual well-being of the children is nurtured through regular attendance at community churches and then further strengthened through daily prayer and devotions in the cottages and at meal times.

We will express our appreciation and be continuously mindful of the individuals, groups, businesses and organizations that contribute to the financial well-being of Tamassee DAR School.  We will give thanks for the many volunteers who give generously of their time and resources and for all those who diligently participate in the many retail programs for which we are registered to provide support to the campus.   Without their love and support this beautiful campus which has been a home to thousands of children over the past 97 years would not have been possible.   You are all a blessing to the mission of the school and to each and every child whose life you have so graciously impacted.

As we gather around the Tamassee Thanksgiving table, our prayer will truly be a heartfelt and sincere thank you for the blessings God has bestowed on everyone called into service and support or whose lives have been touched by the Place of the Sunlight of God.