A Life Changing-Community for Children and Their Mothers

Sep. 3, 2021

Children always want to be with their parents. We all want to be loved by those who gave us life and treasured by those to whom we belong. For decades, Tamassee DAR School provided a home to children in need. Whether they came from abuse, neglect, poverty, or lack of access to education, every single child longed for family.

With the introduction of The Recovery Program, Tamassee is tapping into the longing in children’s hearts to reimagine our programming. We are creating a program where children will heal with their family. We will provide stable, beautiful housing and comprehensive services to children and their mothers to recover from family brokenness. We will see families heal generational patterns and become positive members of society.

Today, one of the most significant factors in family dysfunction and generational brokenness is substance use disorder (SUD). This problem is more prevalent than ever, and it is not going away. Thousands of kids in our service area experience it every year. Children who grow up in families marked by SUD experience trauma, all too often develop unhealthy patterns of living and relating that lead them to repeat the cycle when they become adults.

The key to breaking this cycle and empowering children to write a new future is to serve the family TOGETHER. When mothers with SUD have access to the resources to heal their own trauma – and when they learn the life skills to manage life, a home, and family – then everything in a child’s world changes.

The Recovery Program is an 18 to 24 month holistic, faith-based, residential program for moms who have dealt with SUD and their children. Moms must be ready to rewrite their stories, entering the program sober and maintaining sobriety while living at Tamassee.

Tamassee anticipates launching the program in January 2022. Moms will live in community with each other in Tamassee’s cottages as they heal and grow. Children will attend either Tamassee’s Early Learning Program, or our re-launched on-campus Academy serving elementary students.

When families graduate from the program, they will be ready to succeed in life and contribute to society. With a brand new family, children will break the cycle of trauma, substance use, and government dependence, and they will be able to grow up and rear their own families full of the love and freedom of Jesus. By his grace, all that will happen at “the place of the sunlight of God.”

By participating in our 9th annual golf tournament, you can be a part of changing families’ lives at Tamassee. All proceeds will support the launch of this life-changing program. Visit us at www.tdarschool.org to learn more about sponsorships or to register to play “fore” our families.

Won’t you consider becoming a volunteer to lead life skills classes, facilitate Bible studies, share in fun family activities, or mentor kids and moms?  Join us as we build a community where families heal and generations change!