A Joyful Day on the Lake for Tamassee Children

Jul. 15, 2019

Throughout my time at Tamassee DAR School there have been annual events that the children have come to look forward to with great anticipation.   These events are easy to recognize because you can hear the excitement in their voices as they share the details with new children who have not yet experienced the fun!

Next week, one of the all-time favorite summer treats will be held when the kind and loving members of the nearby Keowee Key Community hold the annual boat ride and picnic celebration with the children.   Since I have been at Tamassee, this event has annually been planned, coordinated and organized by residents of the Keowee Key Community.  The time and effort they put into making this day possible for the children has become quite cumbersome over the years, but still their commitment to the children of Tamassee continues.  The generous boat owners within Keowee Key whose kindness and willingness to share their resources continues to shower the children with quality time and relationship building opportunities.

The friendships that are created as the children board the boats and get to know their captains for the trip around the lake provide positive influences in their young lives and enrich the day for those boat owners.  For many of the children, this day provides their first boating experience and often times, under the watchful eye of the boat captain they actually have the responsibility to steer the boat.  This always brings big smiles to their faces!  As the boats travel around Lake Keowee, the captains will engage the children in conversations and offer historical information about the lake, how it was built and why.   It’s an educational experience as much as it is just plain fun for all.

As the boats return to the dock, there is a hot dog lunch with all of the trimmings waiting for everyone and then the children are in the lake for an afternoon of swimming and water fun.

For years, the local communities have blessed Tamassee children with the opportunities to experience new adventures and to build positive relationships with those involved.  Churches, individuals, organizations, businesses have all come together to enrich the lives of the students in every way imaginable.

Join us on July 27th as we express our gratitude for all those years of your support.  Music, dancing, exhibits, displays, games, special guests, hourly door prize drawings, and free lunches will be available until gone.   We hope you will make plans to stop by and enjoy the fun.