2021 Bridge Scholarships

Bridges Scholarships

Bridges often create wonder and beauty for us as we travel this great country while at the same time providing an essential service.  Bridges provide safe passage sometimes across great chasms, sharp rocky terrain, or vast bodies of water.  In essence, a bridge allows us to successfully and safely cross over to our destination or reach our intended goal.

Bridge scholarships “bridge” the learning gaps for children who are struggling in school while also helping them navigate passed adverse and rocky areas they may have experienced in their lives.  Often these students are from working families who struggle to support their children’s education the way they want to and who lack the financial means to provide the quality programming Tamassee offers and that their child needs.  Without a bridge to help them cross over to a better tomorrow, these children will fall further behind in their education, give up hope, and may even drop-out by the time they reach high school.

Thank you very much to the generous bridge scholarship donors during the past year.   We are very grateful for your love and support.



Mary Jane Watson

North Carolina State Society
Dabo’s All In Team Foundation

National Society DAR
Marilyn D. Altman
Charter Communications
Paula Baker
Elizabeth L. Billham
Mecklenburg Chapter
Behethland Butler Chapter
Susan d. Conger
Anonymous Donor
Schneider Electric North America Foundation
Christine Stephens

Clifford C. Lowery
Dianne T. Culbertson
Snow Campaign Chapter
West Virginia State Society
Anne Keller
Margaret Johnson
Patricia M. Kinard
Thomas Lancaster
Valley Forge Chapter
Harriet W. Nash
Theodosia Burr Chapter
Monica Barrington