Boarding Scholarships 2020


Boarding scholarships are donations of $500 or more and are presented to all students of Tamassee DAR School.  Boarding Scholarships represent unrestricted donations to the Tamassee DAR School Children’s Fund.  This fund is responsible for the expenses associated with the day to day operations and represent the most needed contributions.

Endowed boarding scholarships are established with and initial investment of $25,000 or more.  The principle remains intact and the interest income is used to support our children and programs.

Thank you very much to the generous boarding scholarship donors during the past year.   We are very grateful for your love and support.



Alfred Moore Chapter

Andrew Pickens Chapter

Captain Henry Vanderburgh Chapter

Dabo’s All In Team Foundation

Fort Prince George Chapter

Jeptha Abbott Chapter

Kate Waller Barrett Chapter

National Society DAR

Nelly Custis Chapter

Schneider Electric North America Foundation

Sumter’s Home Chapter

Theodosia Burr Chapter

University of South Carolina Chapter

Virginia State Society

William Capers Chapter

Marilyn D. Altman

Dana Anderson

Susan d. Conger

Dianne T. Culbertson

Marilyn J. Dammann

Beverly M. Dietz

Eugene Dietz

Lynnette R. Faulkner

Tyler L. Hancock

Anne Keller

Lois M. Kreitzer

Jesse Laseter

Mary Jane Matson

Catherine B. McBroom

Tracie Morris

Harriet W. Nash

Bonnie V. Perry

Carolyn Peth

Michael L. Queen

Martha A. Story

Leon Wittmer

Ellen P. Zaki